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By | October 27, 2017

Chrooma Keyboard  You use a keyboard to insert a lot of sensible data, password, credit card code ecc. ecc. and an hacker can easily steal them modifying the Smali code after decompressing our APK. Features  >Resizable Keyboard >Supports…

Chrooma Keyboard 

You Operate A Keyboard To Insert Quite A Few Sensible Data, Password, Credit Score Card Code Ecc. Ecc. And An Hacker Can Without Problems Scouse Borrow Them Editing The Smali Code After Decompressing Our Apk.


>resizable Keyboard >supports General (english, Italian, Spanish, And So On… ) And Indic Languages (greater Than 60 Languages). >night Mode (exchange Automatically Coloration Tonality In Keeping With The Ambient Light). >pick Out Among A Gradient Palette Or The Flat Shade. >a Heaps Of Emoji >supports All Gadgets >dispose Of Alternate Language Button (choice). >get Rid Of Language Label At The Spacebar(choice). >custom Colour Selecting For App. >quantity Row(choice). >customizable Lengthy Press Duration.

Indic Aid 

>assamese Keyboard (???????) – Inscript, Transliteration >arabic Keyboard (?????????????) >bengali / Bangla Keyboard (?????) – Probhat, Avro, Inscript, Compact >burmese Keyboard (???) / Myanmar – Xkb >gujarati Keyboard (???????) – Phonetic, Inscript, Transliteration >hindi Keyboard (??????) – Inscript, Transliteration >kannada Keyboard (?????) – Phonetic, Inscript, Transliteration (baraha), Compact, Anysoft >kashmiri Keyboard (?????) – Inscript, Transliteration >malayalam Keyboard (??????) – Phonetic, Inscript, Transliteration (mozhi), Swanalekha >manipuri Keyboard / Methei Keyboard (????????) – Inscript >maithili Keyboard (??????) – Inscript >marathi Keyboard (?????) – Transliteration >mon Keyboard (???? ???;) >nepali Keyboard (??????) – Phonetic, Traditional, Transliteration, Inscript >oriya Keyboard (?????) – Inscript, Transliteration, Lekhani >punjabi / Gurmukhi Keyboard (??????) – Phonetic, Inscript, Transliteration >sanskrit Keyboard (???????) – Transliteration >santali Keyboard-(??????) – Inscript (devanagari Script) >sinhala Keyboard / Sinhalese (?????) – Transliteration >tamil Keyboard (?????) – Tamil 99, Inscript, Phonetic, Compact, Transliteration >telugu Keyboard (??????) – Phonetic, Inscript, Transliteration, Kachatathapa, Compact >urdu Keyboard – Transliteration

The Way To Deploy ? 

>down Load Apk From The Links Underneath. >in Settings Allow Downloading From Unknown Assets. >set Up It And Run It. >executed!Enjoy